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        I have been documenting love around the world since 2012. At my core, I'm passionate about anthropology and I'm enamored with how love shapes and defines our world. I'm not interested in telling stories the same way we always have. I'm not fond of trends, traditions, or knock-offs. I want to tell your Story in an entirely new way.

        I was nineteen when I started taking photos. They were terrible photos. I had recently moved to Lithuania for university and wanted a better way to communicate about my life to friends and family back home. (While it was great to be able to share my life with friends back in the U.S., in retrospect I feel bad for all the people who had to sit through my terrible slideshows). Despite the poor quality, the reason I loved photography was the way it allowed me to engage with people. I was able to communicate my feelings through imagery and show people how I saw the world; photography was a way to invite people into my life—into my own story.

        It’s an Ideal that stems from one of my core beliefs: that people matter—that marriage matters—that your story matters. When I started to pursue photography, and particularly wedding photography, what drew me in was the people that were inviting me into their lives. These people were inviting me to collaborate with them and to be a part of—and participate in— their story.

        My fascination with stories started as a kid; I would devour books. I would sometimes read two or three in a single sitting. My favorites were mystery novels—you know, like The Hardy Boys and The Boxcar Children. There was always a sense of adventure to these stories that left me inspired. I wanted to live a life of adventure.

        My imagination was pretty uninhibited and as a kid the world was so incredibly accessible and innocent. I was always excited to be outside exploring. I’d make up new languages, write short-stories, and build forts in the woods. I was the only 12 year old I knew checking books out of the library on (multiple) Indo-European (primarily Slavic) languages. (My first aspiration was to be a polyglot. I’m currently not very successful). When I was 14 my parents let me expand my borders and let me trek out on my first trip to Europe with some family friends. Ever since then, in addition to having an overactive imagination, I’ve had a severe case of wanderlust.


        When I started taking photography seriously, it was incredibly meaningful to me because I didn’t have to necessarily explain my stories with words—I was able to actually show them to people.

        I think the most amazing thing about stories is that you get to participate in the journey alongside those for whom you are documenting. I think life is full of beauty—even in the mundane. Daily Rituals. Awe. Fears. Hope. I think these are incredible things and I love how Weddings bring these things together all into one place and make them into one beautiful, and fluid, story.

        Recently, I’ve been dedicating a lot of intentionality towards the concept of Legacy. I really want to leave behind a legacy to those around me: I want my wife to remember me as someone who treasured her and who was devoted to her; my desire is for my kids to remember me as someone who loved their mother and loved and believed in them relentlessly. I want my friends to remember me as someone who was committed to be present with them—not on my phone or bailing on them because I want to get ahead in my career.

        I want to take photos that are part of a Legacy. I want to take photos that matter.

        If you think marriage is a big deal—if you don’t need a reason to book a flight to Europe—if your wedding is a celebration in the woods where you first fell in love—then please get in touch because I think we’re going to get along really well. Thanks for hanging in there and for checking out my work. I’m looking forward to enjoying hot beverages with you and swapping stories.

        High Resolution, digital downloads of your photos

        You’ll always receive the high-resolution photographs from your wedding day. Additionally, you also will have the option to create and make your own prints on your own time. Of course, I’m willing to help you with that if you’d like, however there is never an upsell for you to receive your photos.

        Personalized timelines for your wedding day

        Most of my packages include either full day or half day coverage, depending on your need. I’m here to work and advocate alongside of you to help you have the perfect coverage for your wedding, whether that’s five hours or eighteen hours.

        Heirlooms to pass on to the next Generation

        Photos are meant to be printed out. Handled. Touched. Passed around. I’ve curated some of the very best print and album manufacturers for you because when you’re 50 years into your marriage and your grandkids are sitting with you on your worn leather couch, they should have something from your wedding to look through with you.