I’m a huge fan of the internet and the way it can connect people around from across the world…but I still believe there is nothing better than spending time with people in meaningful conversation. Let’s get together over a cup of coffee or two and talk about your story and your wedding vision. The thing I love most about photography is getting to interact and work with people on a daily basis. It’s the people that make this job everything that it is. You’re one of those people. I want to hear your story.

Marriage is an immensely significant experience, it takes constant participation and perpetual work. The crowning gem from your wedding day isn’t a handful of photographs and memories; it’s your Marriage. And I hope my photographs can be a testament to something greater than themselves.

Great wedding photography is a collaborative effort. My hope is that you will come alongside me in this process to tell a creative, beautiful story that is an effigy of something transcendent. I’m asking you to trust me, dream with me, participate with me as we create something beautiful together.



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I began photographing weddings as a way to experience the world. Three years ago, I was pursuing an international job in higher education, however the standard of a nine to five didn’t fit really fit me. I opted instead for something creative, rather than practical. I think something innate within all of us is the drive to make something meaningful. My pursuit was to accomplish that through art and creativity—something to pass on to the next generation that wasn’t strictly economic in nature.


Weddings have always been a way for me to quench the thirst I have for anthropology and sociology. Having lived in Europe and North America, I’m keenly interested in the dynamics of how we exist. The concept of Marriage— unity among two disparate people—is something I find profound, as well as profoundly humbling. Across every culture, race, and creed—a sense of Togetherness. Weddings for me have always (and always will be) about People, and their stories.


After an unfortunate series of events (missing heaps of emails per a broken contact form) I’m going to ask if you could send me an email directly to chat about your wedding. I’d love to hear more of your story and what will make this day so meaningful for you. Are you eloping just the two of you or celebrating with all your family and friends? Why did you decide on your wedding location? What excites you about marriage? I’m keen to plan some time to get to know you both, whether over Skype or some drinks—I can’t wait to talk more.


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