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        I Want to Hear Your Story

        I'm certainly no Luddite, but I still believe that life is meant to be lived offline. There is nothing more refreshing than laughing and sharing an evening with dear friends.

        I would love to get together over a cup of coffee or two and hear about your story and your wedding vision. My love for people is what has made photography so rewarding and I cherish the opportunity to spend time with my couples, even if it's just for brief time on Skype.

        Marriage is an immensely significant experience, it takes constant participation and perpetual work. The crowning gem from your wedding day isn't a handful of photographs and memories; it’s your Marriage. And I hope my photographs can be a testament to something greater than themselves.

        Great wedding photography is a collaborative effort. My hope is that you will come alongside me in this process to tell a creative, beautiful story that is an effigy of something transcendent. I’m asking you to trust me, dream with me, participate with me as we create something beautiful together.