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        Education is a critical element to growth. Here are some articles I've written as well as my timeline for past, present, and future workshops, speaking engagements, and events that I'm hosting.

        February 5, 2018

        Iceland Guide – Planning a Trip to the North Atlantic

        One of the questions I get asked most frequently is: “What should I do in Iceland?” While this is a loaded question, after many, many trips to Iceland, I'm going to try to condense as much information...
        January 23, 2018

        Levi Tijerina Presets

        Today, I'm officially launching my presets over at It's been a long time coming, but I'm really excited to be releasing these presets as an opportunity to give photographe...
        A New Vision: Rerouting the Course and Starting Afresh by Levi Tijerina May 15, 2017

        A New Vision

        I’ve never been much of a sailor (and to be honest, untamed seas are probably one of my greatest fears), but ocean/sailing rhetoric has always been profound and meaningful to me—so forgive me for the ...
        June 15, 2016

        Camera Gear

        I began photographing weddings as a way to experience the world. Five years ago, I was pursuing an international job in higher education, however the standard of a nine to five didn’t fit really f...
        June 13, 2016

        The Narrative Process

        When it comes to wedding photography, a term you'll hear heaps of is Storytelling. It's a pretty word; it conjures up something nostalgic and surreal. It breathes life into revery and brings to mind a...
        June 10, 2016

        My Process: Crafting a Vision for Photography

        I’m going to share about my process. As some of you may have read, a while back I wrote a blog post about my journey with VSCO Film. I started using VSCO when I first got into portraiture photography,...
        June 10, 2016

        Travel Tips for Wedding Photographers

        Travel is an essential part of my business. It’s exciting, gives me new perspective, and challenges the equilibrium in my life. Despite the inspiration it brings though, travel can be absolutely exh...
        May 2, 2015

        VSCO Film 07

        OK, so I’ve been on board with VSCO for four years now. I’ve documented my history with VSCO pretty laboriously, and you can see that here. (As well as that, you can see my reviews of VSCO 05 and VSCO...
        October 30, 2014

        VSCO Film 06

        (Note: if you're looking for a review of VSCO Film 07, you can go here) OK, holy smokes. This preset pack has blown me away. Over the last few years I've stepped away from VSCO to develop my own pres...
        July 30, 2014

        VSCO Film 05 Review

        (If you stumbled here on accident looking for a VSCO Film 06 Review, you can find that here) OK, I'll be honest. I don't generally use VSCO Film anymore. Despite this though, Greg Lutze has had a maj...