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        In August 2016 I was in Iceland with a day off in between shoots. I was in the middle of nowhere on the far Southeast Coast of Iceland, near Jökulsarlon. The hotel I was staying in had horrible wifi, which was less than ideal, because I had a Skype call scheduled with Leah and Jakob at 16:00, Iceland time. With the call dropping again, and again, I bolted out of the Hotel, in the rain and drove until I got some kind of cell service. There, with torrential rain, and me sitting in my car, I skyped with these two, talking about their wedding plans for Iceland. Immediately, I know that these were people that understood what I wanted to create. Just on Skype, tears were shed, stories were shared, and an amazing bond was forged.

        When I finally met up with these two in person, nearly ten months later, it felt like spending time with old friends. We went out to see the ceremony location (which had to be moved due to torrential rain on the South Coast…par for the course in Iceland) and then we just spent time exploring around their airbnb and sharing stories about our lives and what experiences had led us up to that very moment.

        The next day, their wedding day, was a day I won’t soon forget. From start to finish, they and their families embraced me like family. That feeling—the feeling of vulnerability and participation—is the exact reason I love to share in weddings and while I’ll never tire of getting to participate in the narratives that my couples—my friends—are writing.

        Nearly eighteen hours later, I fell headlong into my bed in Reykjavik—the sun just starting to peak above the blue in the horizon. The exhaustion. The Candor. These incredible people. These are the stories I hope I’ll always be able to be witness to.




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