EngagementBen and PollyGlencoe, Scotland

Last month, my friend Gene Pease (Geneoh Photography) and I led a workshop out in Glasgow,¬†Scotland. This was our 2nd go at this workshop, called Adventure & Story, and the whole premise behind it all is to talk about the things that make our business come alive. We talk about branding, storytelling, travel, and everything in between. The workshop in Scotland was absolutely stellar and we’re both looking forward to another go at the workshop this October in Minneapolis.

A lot of my photography is based on connecting with people and trying to visualize their story and share it in an unfettered way. I love doing these workshops with Gene because, while we see eye-to-eye on ¬†business, theory, and practice, our photography looks pretty different. I love that because, at the end of the day, it’s about being true to yourself and sharing images that make you move and feel something.

We had an amazing couple for the workshop, Ben & Polly (Ben is also a wedding photographer based out of Bristol). Here are a few images of them from the workshop. Thanks for modeling for us and braving the cold. These are images that make me feel.

(At the end of the set are some photos from the workshop.)