What’s the best way to reach you?

Shoot me an e-mail at lt [at] levitijerina [dot] com or fill out my contact form!

How do you pronounce your last name?

It’s pronounced Tee-Arena. The “j” is very silent.

Do you travel for weddings?

Traveling is a huge passion of mine and I end up traveling for about half of the weddings I photograph. I’ve photographed weddings around the world, including Iceland, Denmark, Canada, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Tanzania, Italy, Spain, and across the U.S. No distance is too close, too far, or too remote.

Do you travel outside the US for other sessions besides weddings?

You bet! I’ve shot engagement/pre-wedding and portrait sessions in Scotland, Iceland, Portland, Charleston–anywhere really.. Shoot me an e-mail and we can get your session on the calendar! I do my best to try to stack sessions on top of currently planned trips, but I can always make it out to where you’re at. Here is a list of some of my upcoming travels.

What are your portrait sessions like?

I’ve never been one do things the “typical” way. That truth also applies to my engagement & portrait sessions. In order to take some ownership and to make them more personal, I like to either start in an intentional location such as your home or a location that we pre-pick, even if it’s a few hours away. The focus of these sessions is about connection, relationship, adventure, and authenticity. We’re going to make pretty photos, but hopefully these are the kinds of photos that outlast just one moment in your life and will be just as meaningful throughout your marriage.

How many photos do you deliver and what’s your turnaround time?

For a wedding, I typically deliver between 400-650. Regarding turnaround time, my goal is to hit the 5 week mark in the Spring and Winter, but during peak season (May – October), my turn around time is usually between 7-10 weeks due to the high volume of work.

Do you offer albums?

I print albums through a company called Red Tree. They make absolutely beautiful, high-quality leather and vegan albums that are some of the best I’ve seen. I offer albums in 10×10 with the option to add on extra pages. I try to keep the process as simple as possible.

Do you have Insurance?

I do; both for my gear and for liability on location.

Do you have backup Gear?

I always bring multiple camera bodies, a plethora of lenses, and ample memory cards. Additionally, all my camera bodies shoot to two separate memory cards to ensure that even your photos are backed up on the fly.

Tell me more about your family!

Ok, so not a question, but I have an amazing family—my incredible wife, Hillary, is the embodiment of wit, generosity, kindness, and strength. We also have a beautiful daughter, Honor Rosa, who as yet, is still very tiny, but we love showing her the world and I’m so overjoyed to be her father.

Frequently Asked Questions for Levi Tijerina - Denver Wedding Photographer