1:1 Mentoring

I’ve recently been approached about leading some mentoring session and one-on-one workshops with some local photographers. I figured it was time to start considering it more intentionally and to start organizing some opportunities to offer up some of the things I’ve learned on my journey. My successes. My failures. And, most of all, about doing your own things and following your own vision.



Mentoring Sessions are for anyone who is interested in learning a bit more about one or two things that I do. These will be informal sessions that last about an hour. In a mentoring session we could talk about things such as:

– Blogging and SEO
– Attracting Like Minded Clients
– Branding and Marketing
– Where to Start with Web Strategies
– Other similar topics

The goal will be for you to walk away feeling like you have a better grasp on some of the details of your business and/or how to help your business grow and to attract the right kinds of people.

Contact me if you might be interested in setting up a Mentoring session and we can work out the details.

Website review


Website Reviews are designed to go throughout the gamut of your online presence.

Your website will be assessed for it’s cohesiveness, user-friendliness, and consistency with your vision. I’ll look at your limitations, your SEO strengths/weaknesses, and give feedback over brand cohesion.

I’ll take a few days to go through your site, make some notes and critique on things such as presentation, organization, portfolio strength, user-friendliness, etc. and would compile this all into a .PDF. The purpose of this document would be to give you constructive feedback and action steps on where to improve and how to better reach your target market.

Once that’s in your hand we will set up a time to Skype (or meet) to talk about the feedback and specific ways to improve your website and online presence.

Individual Workshop


Individual Workshops are more intense than Mentoring Sessions and are designed to really tackle some more intense ways of how to grow your business. In these personalized workshops, we’ll focus on building and developing a brand strategy, how to market your brand, attracting the right clients, and how to use what you currently have in your portfolio to make the best impact on potential clients.

In addition to this, we’ll also participate in a styled wedding shoot  and I’ll show you what I look for when I’m photographing people and how I try to engage people. Ultimately, this session will be about you using your own skills and strengths to build your brand while also providing you content for your portfolio. The end result in a 1-on-1 would be that will walk away feeling more confident in your vision and how to achieve the kinds of work that you want to pursue.

Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested in having a 1-on-1 workshops. We can arrange it in Denver, Colorado, or anywhere else that you might be located or where I will be traveling.

Boot Camp


Boot Camp is the full monty. With Boot Camp, we’ll plan on spending multiple days together, including multiple locations across the U.S. (Additional travel costs may be required for international destinations)

With Boot Camp, we’re going to work to get your business on the right track, in terms of focus, clients, direction, and creation. In addition to this, the Boot Camp will take place in a minimum of two separate locations inside the U.S. with a shoot in each city/region, in order to diversify your portfolio and to help expand your reach and focus on travel/destination work.

This is no-holds-barred. Everything is on the table–numbers, finance, and strategy. We’ll take time to delve into your business and work out not only how to make it more successful, but also more streamlined. The goal is to help cast creative vision, work on building an expanded portfolio, get your business focused on where you want it to be, and help set yourself apart in an industry that is seemingly oversaturated (…but is it?).

For Boot Camp, please plan to commit to a minimum of three full days, and possibly more if the locations are cross-country, or international. The base price includes everything, including food, accomodations, and travel from location one to location two (except for international trips).