One of my favorite things about photography is the way it has connected me to people and stories all over the world by way of travel—from rural Oklahoma to Kuala Lumpur and everything in between (You can read more of my personal journey here). I’m going to be spending time on the road again this year and I love taking on extra portraits, weddings, and elopements when I have the time available.

If you don’t see your location (or a location you’re heading) on the list, don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m always happy to explore other parts of the world and of this great state (and the ones we’re neighbors to). No location is too close, too far, or too remote. I’m typically based out of Colorado and the American Southwest, so for the months where no travel is listed, it’s very likely that I’ll be home in the Mountains and the Desert of Colorado. I never tire of exploring this amazing state (and region) that I live in, so if you’re keen for an adventure around the Southwest, I’d be thrilled to chat more about you and your Love and the ideas you have.

Levi Tijerina Traveling and Destination Wedding Photographer based in the American Southwest

New Zealand, Australia, & Papua New Guinea
New Zealand
March: France
May: Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma
June: Iceland, New York, London
July: Utah, New Mexico, Minnesota
August: Alaska, New Mexico
September: Minnesota, Utah
October: New York, Minnesota, New Mexico
November: Utah

April: Philadelphia
Summer: Europe, East Coast
Autumn: New York, San Francisco