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        Education is a critical element to growth. Here are some articles I've written as well as my timeline for past, present, and future workshops, speaking engagements, and events that I'm hosting.

        February 5, 2018

        Iceland Guide – Planning a Trip to the North Atlantic

        One of the questions I get asked most frequently is: “What should I do in Iceland?” While this is a loaded question, after many, many trips to Iceland, I'm going to try to condense as much information...
        November 16, 2017

        Getting Ready Guide

        Intimate Seattle Elopement photographer November 16, 2017

        Wedding Ceremony Lighting Guide

        I’m really excited to be a part of your wedding day and I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on making incredible images. Before we move forward, I wanted to make sure we had a chance to talk...
        November 4, 2016

        How to Plan an Intimate and Meaningful Wedding

        My intention as a photographer has always been to capture intimate and emotionally raw moments. Over the years, more and more couples have approached me about capturing their most intimate celebra...
        June 16, 2016

        The Un-Venue: Finding and Creating your Dream Wedding Location

        When it comes to weddings, there are literally unlimited places to get married. But when you're actually in the throes of the Wedding Planning process, it essentially feels like there are basicall...
        March 15, 2015

        The Best Wedding Venues in Colorado

        When it comes to landscape, Colorado is unmatched as one of the most rugged and picturesque places in the US. The Rockies and the Desert Plains form some of the nations most unique terrain, and wi...
        February 19, 2015

        a&be Bridal Shop – Lookbook

        I never thought I'd ever care (let alone blog) about dresses, but I guess there is a first for everything. Last fall, a&be bridal shop asked me to photograph a series of dresses for their Fall ...