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        Krista e-mailed me in February to tell me about her and Addison’s plans to semi-elope/semi-have-a-secret-party-in-the-mountains, and, from the get-go, I was sold. Sold, sold, sold. Their story is super sweet and I’ll let you read more about that over on Green Wedding Shoes, where their wedding was featured.

        As a photographer, though, it was like music to my soul to be able to work with Krista and Addison about the timeline and details of their wedding day. I drove up to Estes a few days early to go scouting with them and Matt, their videographer (video at the bottom of the page) and we just had a blast driving around the Rockies and sharing some parts of our stories.

        It’s so awesome to me when clients can become friends, and this wedding was one of my favorite ones I’ve been a part of this year. Looking forward to catching up again in the 312. Oh, and Krista is also a talented hairdresser, and if you’re getting married in her home base of Chicago, or anywhere else really, you should reach out to her!

        Much thanks to my good friend Adonye Jaja for coming out and shooting this one with me, as well as to my friend Tom Shanks for touring around RMNP with us. You guys are inspiring fellows.

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        Addison & Krista – Estes Park, CO from Forget Me Not Media on Vimeo.


        I’m a wedding photog as well and always love looking at others work, and I have to say, well done!

        I am at a wedding almost every weekend and I’ve seen a lot, but I love this wedding. I love this couple. I love the video.

        Awesome work!

        These pictures are incredible! Great work!

        Wonderful location! Great Photography!