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          Copenhagen, Denmark

          Mr. Woo & Mrs. Woo

          The South Coast of Iceland

          Honor and Patrick

          Mora, Minnesota

          Jaclyn and Gonzalo

          Rocky Mountain National Park

          Jonathan and Irena

          Estes Park, Colorado

          Krista and Addison

          Colorado Springs, Colorado

          Melodie and Ian

          Glass Mountain, Oklahoma

          Brendan and Sierra


          Thanks so much for taking the time to view my work. My intention is that through these photographs you'll be able to catch a glimpse of who I am as well as the kind of imagery that speaks to me and—I hope—speaks to you as well. My desire is that you will come alongside me to tell a radiant story that is an Icon of something transcendent. I’m asking you to trust me, dream with me, and participate with me as we create something beautiful together. Great photography is truly a collaborative effort and I look forward to getting to share in that process alongside you.

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