I am Levi Tijerina
Photographer - Creative Director - Entrepreneur

Don't Rely on Comfort as a Metric for Success

Thanks for taking the time to check out more about educational information that I have. When I started this journey nearly a decade ago, I had no idea where it would take me. Now, it’s surreal how vastly different my world is—in ways I could have never imagined.

I created this side of the website because I wanted to create room for those who were asking questions. I wanted there to be a space to continue asking questions. To not always have the answers. To just share together.


As I mentioned earlier, my career has taken me places I never would have imagined. I departed freelance/entrepreneurship briefly to join an advertising agency. I started consulting. I joined other teams (I still work in tandem with White in Revery). I launched new things. My family invested in real-estate. We’re launching two brand new companies, neither of which are related to weddings.

Life is a mystery. That’s why this page exists. So that we can navigate that mystery together. I can’t tell you the answer to the mystery in front of you, but I hope my journey, trials, successes, and failures can inform you on ways you can traverse your own road.





2 Major U.S. Locations
2 Live Shoots with Real Couples
1 Full Day focused on Consulting and Re-Defining Your Business via Photography and Otherwise



1:1 Workshop


1 Full Day Together
Curriculum Designed Custom for your Business
Live Shoot Optional
*Travel Cost not Included. No extra travel cost if the workshop happens in Denver





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