February 15, 2015

Matt and Em

Destination Elopement Uncategorized

About a year ago, I woke up to a ping in my inbox. It was from Matt, asking if I would be available photograph their elopement in Iceland. As it turns out, Matt and Em had both found me independent from each other and had emailed each other about my work, but somewhere along the way, messages had gotten holed up in the drafts folder and never sent out. Surprise. It’s crazy how small the world is and its amazing how the stars seem to align on things like this. It’s Providence.

One email in to both of them and I knew this was going to be an amazing collaboration. Em is an insanely talented illustrator and Matt is an engineer-by-day-photographer-and-tweeter-of-things-I-don’t-understand-by-other-day. (Read: He’s very smart)

Well, as it turns out: their wedding day was amazing. We drove along the entire south coast, ending up in Vik for last light on the black sand. These photos represent something pretty magical to me: in life, there seems to be this constant battle of form vs. function. In this instance, it’s a reminder that sometimes you have to pursue something, simply because it’s worth pursuing. More beauty, emotion, and meaning; less tradition and circumstance.

Matt and Em, thanks for the adventure. Can’t wait for the next one in Perth 😉

(Also, props to my friend Matt Lien for shooting along with me on this one!)