May 27, 2013

Anna and Brendan


I guess I should begin with Luxembourg. This tiny country in the heart of Europe has a huge place in my heart. My best friend and his family moved to Luxembourg when I was 13 and my first trip out of the country was actually a visit to Luxembourg when I was 14. I traveled with some family friends and we stayed in Luxembourg and took day trips out to Paris, Trier, and just over the border into Belgium (after all, Luxembourg is 15 minutes away from it’s three neighboring countries). My friends in Luxembourg are like a second family to me and since my first trip out eight years ago, I have been back three times. Luxembourg has always been my ‘home away from home.’

When Anna contacted me about photographing her wedding in Luxembourg–the coincidence was astronomical. She had actually grown up in the same village as my friends and had even gone to the same school as them. Her childhood home was only a few blocks from my friend’s home and there is a good chance that I walked/drove past her home during one of my visits to Luxembourg.

Anna and Brendan’s journey and story is quite remarkable and they are currently nearing the end of their 2.5 month honeymoon, traveling the world as they transition their lives from living in the UK to a trans-continental move to Brendan’s home town of Durban, in South Africa.

Everything about this trip, was amazing. I was able to spend some incredible time with my friends in Bereldange and the hospitality that Brendan and Anna offered me was like none other. They opened their hearts to me. It’s weddings–stories–like this that really make me question how I happened into this ‘job.’ I’m one of the luckiest people alive.

I’m hoping to continue this journey by heading down to South Africa to visit some new (and old) friends. To my South African friends: I’m heading out to Tanzania this November for a wedding–that’s not too far from you all…let’s find a way to get together again soon.