February 19, 2015

a&be Bridal Shop – Lookbook

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I never thought I’d ever care (let alone blog) about dresses, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Last fall, a&be bridal shop asked me to photograph a series of dresses for their Fall Stylebook and, having never done something like that before, I was quick to jump on it.

The experience blew me away. In brief, there are so many extremely talented folks out there that rarely, if ever, get any appreciation or acknowledgment for their hard work. I say that in a general sense because, so often, it’s the people that work on the little things–the minutia–that get the least amount of credit. Working hard is often a thankless job. It takes character to keep your head down and simply work hard (just because you can), not caring who gets the credit. That’s a lesson to me both as a human and as a photographer.

Bringing that same idea to the wedding industry, I was so grateful to work alongside some really talented people who happen to work in weddings. Floral designers, Hair, Make-up, Venue owners, dress designers, chefs, servers, strike teams, planners. Oftentimes, unless there are brilliant photographs, the hard-work of these folks can go unnoticed. That’s a shame.

A lot of these dresses are made by small boutiques and independent designers. It’s easy to forget that someone (an actual human) took the time to create these dresses, design them, think through how they should look, and then actually build them with fabric, lace, needle, and thread. I often put very little thought into who makes my clothing (and where) and it’s a reminder that these things take skill, time, and hard labour. And I should appreciate it and know where it comes from.

This is probably the most philosophical post possible about a Stylebook of various wedding dresses, but I want to take time to notice those folks that don’t get credit simply because they’re not in positions to attract attention. Be kind to others. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Always work your hardest.

Cue a lesson in humility for me.

Credits // Florals: Lalé Florals //  Stylist: Emily Smoot // Venue: River Bend & Lyons Farmette // Makeup: Sally at Alchemy Mineral  Blends // Hair: Matthew Morris Salon

Dresses // Rue de Seine // Hayley Paige // Nicole Miller // Katie May // & For Love // Leanne Marshall // Sarah Seven // Modern Trousseau // Claire La Faye // Love Marley
(in order of appearance)

You can visit a&be at: 1955 W. 35th Ave., Denver, CO 80211 or call 720-627-5760 to set up an appointment. These folks are the best.


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