March 7, 2017

Nicholas and Kasi


There are certain times in your life when you feel something along the lines of “I was built for this.” With the risk of sounding presumptuous, that’s how I felt about this day (and I know that is hard to explain/justify). These people, this location, these colors, this team-effort put on by friends and family—it seemed strangely reminiscent to my own wedding day. Having been married now for almost four years, it’s uncanny how quickly the day escapes you and how fast it’s all a thing of the past. Being present for Nicholas and Kasi’s wedding gave me a profound sense of gratitude for my own community that helped Hills and I celebrate our own marriage nearly four summers ago. I’ve kind of held this wedding in for a bit because I was unsure of how to share it and how to write about it since it seemed so close to my heart and I feared I wouldn’t be able to share some of the depth and connection I felt. And maybe that’s OK. I’m going to leave my remarks to what I’ve written above and hope you can see my heart and soul, and the love these two have for each other, through these images.